Racing with Autism Australia is a project that aims to raise awareness and acceptance of Autism Spectrum Disorder by show casing the unique and talented individuals who are involved in motorsport/racing who themselves are on the Autism Spectrum.  This project is inspired by Racing with Autism who are based in Canada. RWA is an organisation sharing the story of the inspirational Austin Riley who is a very successful racer within North America. Austin has an incredible touch on inspiring others on the Autism Spectrum to achieve their goals and to share their stories. Austin is known all over the globe.

The purpose of Racing with Autism Australia (RWAA) is to support racers by sharing their stories, including their achievements and their day to day struggles, with the hope of not just gaining awareness for Autism but acceptance and understanding on creating inclusive environments. 

RWAA supports racers in various racing divisions. We offer personable support, advertisement, financial support and we encourage our racers to discuss any needs they have to see how we can best support them. We do our best to offer support at and away from race tracks. 

RWAA is excited to now offer the “Pit Stop” which is a safe zone for people with disabilities at racing and general community events. This space offers a inclusive environment filled with sensory and fidget activities. Members of the RWAA team are present to help support everyone who would like to utilise the “Pit Stop” zone. RWAA are always looking for events to attend!   


 We offer community, school and corporate presentations. These presentations are based around the inspiring stories of several racers across the country who are on the Autism Spectrum. We offer a wide range of aspects to our presentation that provide a different approach to other presentations that audiences have seen before. We provide awareness, knowledge, inspiration and leadership-based aspects in our sessions. With an interactive approach we can provide aged appropriate presentations. Please read more about our presentations in the presentations section.

Launching in June 2019 seen RWAA take off much quicker than expected, now supporting over 30 racers form across the country and covering most states and territories.

RWAA is a non for profit incorporated association.


My name is Jessica Benge, I am in my late 20’s and reside in North West, Tasmania. I have two passions in life, one is working with people with Autism Spectrum disorder, secondly motorsports. I was lucky to combine my two passions when I successfully gained employment in Canada in 2014 as the personal assistant to Racing with Autism superstar Austin Riley. This came about after I received an Australian Overseas Foundation scholarship for my work within the disability industry. I was lucky enough to be apart of the 2015 North American Racing with Autism, Autism awareness tour that seen us travel in an RV 28,000kms across North America, stop at various tracks for Austin to race but most importantly presenting Austin’s story and gaining awareness and understanding for Autism to thousands of Americans and Canadians. I spent over 14 months working with RWA and have returned another two times.

Under the watchful eye of Jason Riley, director and number one backer of RWA I have been guided to launch RWAA. I am a busy single mum to a little boy who has an intense passion for motorsports as well. We often travel to tracks to support our RWAA racers together. I also work full time as a trainer and assessor within the disability industry.

RWAA is my passion, and I will do anything to see it succeed.

“For those that changed my life, I want to do the same for them”