Name – Ben Thompson
Age – 10
Location – Ipswich

We thank Ben’s mum Tanya for helping Ben telling  Racing With Autism Australia about his story!

Ben’s form of racing doesn’t require a motor but pure body power! What an inspirational young man. I thank Bens mum Tanya for helping Ben tell us about his story! Ben was diagnosed with asd level 2 just prior to turning 7 years of age. Ben’s diagnosis’s include asd, adhd, auditory processing disorder, sensory processing disorder and OCD. Ben was non verbal and he still can be if he feels unsafe or doesn’t know someone! Ben has low muscle tone, poor core strength and he had no grip which initially made it hard for him to ride a bike.

Ben focuses on racing and knows the names and numbers of all riders, has a photographic memory when it’s anything to do with BMX. Ben only likes certain food, and he finds sensory things tricky. Ben finds it hard to stay calm, he may verbalize and offend other riders when he doesn’t mean too.

One day when we were driving past the the track, Ben read the sign Ipswich BMX Club and asked if we could go one day. We went and chatted to club members, and they made Ben feel very comfortable. Ben hired a bike, helmet and gloves and attended with other riders on track. Ben wouldn’t go on the gates and race , so Ben was taken on the track by a man named Butch and Ben blossomed. Ben idolized Butch and he has assisted Ben to become part of the BMX racing community.

Ben started BMX in 2019, He rides and races a BMX at Ipswich BMX Club in his age group. Ben trains 2 – 3 times a week , either gym or BMX riding with his idol , Josh Boyton ( bmx champion) at the track. He spends a lot of time watching you tube races of his favourite racers, including Josh Boyton, Kai Sakakibara, Sam Willoughby , Connor Fields , Anthony Dean, Izaac Kennedy! Prior to covid Ben was doing training and riding every day. Ben was also racing in the BMX shootout series at different clubs within Queensland. Ben rides a rival race BMX bike and his goal would be , to be a part of rival racing BMX team and have a Queensland plate.

Ben has no sponsors. 2019 Ben was awarded the encouragement award by Ipswich BMX club and he also received 2nd place for 9 yr olds and overall 10th place in points in overall club.

Thanks Tanya for contacting Racing With Autism Australia to share Ben’s inspiring story!