Name – Benjamin Longland
Age – 28
Location – Brisbane Qld

We race in the Qld Superkart Clubs 125 Non gearbox class

We have been racing 2 seasons (officially a season an a half)

I like the community that we have in our racing club but most importantly it’s something the requires a lot of effort because if it’s done right the rewards and feeling the success provides are amazing

Ever since I was little I have been obsessed with cars and motorsport. My earliest hero was Michael Schumacher. I was once interviewed by Matt Stone for a position in his MSR team and he asked me if I had any racing experience which I did n

ot at that time. So when I came into a little money we started our race team. Since then I haven’t looked back.

My partner supports me and ATM we have no paying sponsors financially so it’s off of our own back. My partner is 24 and was also diagnosed on the autistic spectrum when she was 21. She handles our social media and our photography. My father also attends races where he can.

I was diagnosed on the autistic spectrum at around age 6. I went through special education units and even attended the Autistic Association Queensland School part time in Sunnybank for a year or 2. I have faced a lot of challenges including a near death experience after an assault in 2008 which left me in a drug induced coma for about 8 hours.

Autism has given me a reason as to why to try to succeed at anything I do because I believe If I can show how great people with autism are then that’s how we break some of the stigma that is still there.

We have some non paying sponsors that are family friends ie Anchor Driving School which we are trying to help promote their business to allow it to grow further.