Name – Jayden Atkinson
Age – 13
Location – Launceston, Tasmania

What do you race? Junior speedway karts

How long have you been racing? I started racing as soon as I turned 10 and was allowed to race.

What do you enjoy most about racing? It’s fun to do and I enjoy going fast.

Who is your inspiration and why did you start racing? My inspiration is my dad because I have grown up watching him race. The reason I started racing is because it’s a family sport and I enjoyed it.

What would you like people to know about you? I can be very shy to start with if I don’t know people. I also play for my local football club where my dad is my coach.

Who supports you in your racing? Mum and dad support my racing and family.

Would you like to tell us about your autism diagnosis and about any challenges you face? I get distracted easily but once I’m out on the track I am focused. Sometimes if there is too much going on around me I struggle to take it all in. Sometimes because I’m shy when I first meet people I can come across as being rude with my answers.

How do you think autism has helped you? I avoid things on the track like crashes because sometimes I over think things so I react quickly.

Who are your sponsors? Skg cleaning, The Roost