Name – Jeremy Knight
Age – 38
Location – Brisbane

What do you race? Tony Kart with and X30 TAG Restricted Medium

How long have you been racing? I started karting at 17 years of age with my younger brother at the Canberra kart club. Since then I have raced in Sydney at Oran Park, was a member of the Gold Coast kart club and now racing at Ipswich kart club.

What do you enjoy most about racing? Mostly the technical side. As a qualified Aircraft maintenance engineer, I love the precision of race cars. But on the racing side it has to be the competition! I hate getting beaten at anything and now that I am getting older it is happening a lot more. There are so many great people in karting and the friendships you make can last a long time. 2 of my best friends now I met karting as a teenager.

Who is your inspiration and why did you start racing? Driver wise it is Senna. Even though growing up I was a massive Gerhard Berger fan! I still race number 28. My brother and I as teenagers really wanted to work in F1. We based our early life on it, we knew karting was the first step. I just never made it to the next step! Still karting 30 years later..

What would you like people to know about you? I am a qualified Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Mechanical and motor mechanic. I currently work as a Field Service Engineer. Being an Aspie I only have 3 passions, The Rabbitohs, Aviation and Motor racing, and all 3 consume my life.

Who supports your racing? I guess I support myself but I couldn’t do it without my wife Jen, her dad Wal Walpole and my old karting mate Craig Lawson.

Would you like to tell us about your autism diagnosis and about any challenges you face? I have always felt different to the general population and in my 40’s I started noticing and reading adult ADHD. I saw my Dr who put me in touch with Dr Khan. That appointment changed my life. Now diagnosed with Asperger’s, ADHD, OCD and Dyslexia, I always knew I was annoyingly OCD but not the others.

How do you think autism has helped you? I now know why I felt different and I can act accordingly in different situations. The Ritalin has really helped me concentrate with work.

Who are your sponsors? HammerWrench