Keegan Leslie

Keegan was diagnosed with Autism when he was 3 years old.

Keegan started riding 4 wheelers when he was 3 and would go to the track with his family each practice and race day but unfortunately wasn’t allowed on the track until he was 4.

Just before Keegan turned 4 we took him to Yamaha and brought him a brand new pee wee 50. I think it was one of the happiest days of Keegan’s life.

Keegan’s favourite rider is Danger boy Deegan because his name sounds the same as his and he is a good rider. When he isn’t on his bike he watches him on youtube.

Keegan races with Launceston Junior Motorcross Club and loves going to ride and catching up with his mates.

Dad takes Keegan to all his motocross meets because mum is too scared because he goes too fast.

Keegan loves to win but he is getting a lot better at not being disappointed if he doesn’t win.

Keegan suffers a lot from anxiety and little things can seem a HUGE deal for Keegan.

Keegan likes things to go to plan and likes to know what is going to happen from day to day.

Keegan loves to his playstation and has a lot of friends he talks to on his game through his headset.

Keegan was recently diagnosed with ADHD through his psychologist and sees his pediatrician every 3-6 months for regular check ups.

Keegans achievements are

2016 Pee Wee – 1st

2017 Pee Wee – 1st

2017 Charity day – 1st

2018 Super Pee Wee – 1st

2019 Super Pee Wee – 2nd

Keegan is grateful to be sponsored by Hillsy’s car detailing/installs & mods!!!