Name – Tim Baker
Age – 37
Location – Gold Coast

I have been karting for 4 years and started off in Tag restricted light class and I am now racing 4 Stroke in 4SS Medium. I have an OTK chassis and a clubmax Torini engine.

I love karting because it is my escape, it makes me feel like I am normal like I don’t have a disability and I can make new friends and best of all I have a lots of fun. My biggest role models are car racing and Monster Energy V8 driver Cam Waters and Lewis Hamilton F1 driver as I share his number on my Kart and Daniel Riccardo F1 driver.

I run a small travel company Tims Tours where I do reviews and travel booking and also help people and families with disabilities go on holiday and give helpful advice and my other big passion is sports photography especially car racing.

My sponsors and Things I look up to is Tim’s Tours , Monster Energy , Tickford Racing Kaos Karting Project X Racing SKD .

My biggest supports are my family and Shane Myers ,Wayne and Bec Marshall, Cameron Jarrett, Amir Elkayam and Mick Sternbeck.

I have suffered with autism all my life especially when I was younger because they did not know about autism back then and said I had ADHD and that was the complete opposite to what I had its only later on in my teenager years I was diagnosed with autism. It affects me in ways such as I am shy and have trouble making friends and socialising and also with reading instructions it take me longer to learn things , my memory is not very good and try to avoid loud noises as I also suffer from Auditory processing disorder . Now as a adult it is hard to find a support network for adults with autism. All I want is people to treat us the same as we are just like everybody else. We can do great things and we can be successful.