Racing with Autism Australia

For those that changed my life, I want to do the same for them

Name : Angus Maxworthy

Age : 10years old

Location : Brisbane

Racing in :

My Sponsors : Mum & Dad. LS Wraps and Graphics

My Achievements :

What do you race? South East Queensland & Northern NSW

How long have you been racing? I’ve been practicing for a while but racing for 8 months

What do you enjoy most about racing? Making new friends, Going fast, overtaking and bettering myself.

Who is your inspiration and why did you start racing? Chaz Mostert, Cause I want to be like Chaz

What would you like people to know about you? I want people to know how much I’ve improved and how my racing is going.

Who supports you in your racing? Mum & Dad, Adam & Tony from DPE and help and advise from friends we’ve made at IKC. To many to list.

Would you like to tell us about your autism diagnosis and about any challenges you face? I have been diagnosed as high functioning ASD. Probably over thinking things and different situations.

How do you think autism has helped you? It helps me concentrate and keep focused especially when racing.

Anything else? I want people to be aware of ASD and that there are many different forms of it. And people with it are no different to anyone else.