Racing with Autism Australia

For those that changed my life, I want to do the same for them

Name : Jordan Sell

Age : 12years old

Location : Brisbane, Australia

Racing in :

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My Achievements :

(My favourite is the Ron Duffield award and the endurance race win)
2016 Presidents award at Warwick kart club for a great attitude on and off the track
2017 Cadet 9 2nd runner up club champion at Warwick Kart Club
Recipient of the silver Ron Duffield Memorial Shield for competing with spirit
2018 Cadet 9 club champion at Warwick Kart Club
3rd place in the cadet 9 championship at Ipswich Kart Club
5th place in the cadet 9 category of the Southern Qld Series
10th place in the cadet 9 Qld c & d Grade State Titles
2019 4th place in the cadet 12 championship at Warwick Kart Club
Competed in my first Australian Karting Championship event
Competed in my first race of stars event
Winner of the Blue Datto Enduro driving with louis brown in mini max. It was my first time ever in a Rotax mini max race and my first time doing an endurance race. My brother Hayden mathematically worked out our fuel strategy and it was perfect. Louis and I worked really well together and it was a really cool experience.

What do you race? Category: go-karts in cadet 12 (9 – 13 years) Kart: energy storm 950mm kart, vortex mini rok 2 stroke race engine

How long have you been racing? I started go-karting in May 2015 when I was 6 and started racing in 2016 when I was 7.

What do you love about racing? I love to win but I also really love being at the track with my friends. What I love most is when I get to race against my brother because we always like to try to beat each other. Every few years we end up in the same age group and we are always really close on the track. It makes mum nervous because we take more risks with each other than we would take with other people.

Who is your inspiration and why did you start racing? I started racing because my brother wanted to kart. Mum and dad said I could do it too. I ended up really liking it but I was only really little and I hadn’t even driven a hire kart before so it took me a while to get used to it. I share a race number with Shane van Gisbergen and I think he is a really cool driver.

What you would like people to know about you? I’m really good at maths and science. I love working out how my kart works. I do my own kart cleaning and i help with lots of the mechanical jobs. I think I would like to be a race engineer one day.

Who supports you in your racing? My mum and dad. Also my brother.

Would you like to tell us about your autism diagnosis and the challenges you face? How has you autism helped you with racing? I was diagnosed with autism when I was 5. Mostly it’s pretty cool because I can do some things really easily that other people sometimes find hard. But there are also things I find hard that other people find really easy. Sometimes I get upset when things go wrong and I can’t talk to anyone when I’m embarrassed. If people don’t know me they might think I’m a bad sport but it just takes me a bit longer to process what’s happening. I have a lot of routines that I follow so I have good luck rituals that help me to stay focused and calm. It is easier for me to focus because I can block out lots of other things going on around me.

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