Racing with Autism Australia

For those that changed my life, I want to do the same for them

Name : Kory Broomhall

Age : 12years old

Location : Meander, Tasmania

Racing in :

My Sponsors : Mum and Dad, Spreyton Motorcycles, Amble Inn Snack Bar, Kosie Country Made

My Achievements :

I won Rookie of the Year in Tasmanian State Motocross 2017 that was really cool I made a speech even though I was really tired and scared
2019 Southern Tasmania Motocross Club Championship 1st place – 65cc 10-12years
2019 Coastal Motocross Club Junior Most Improved Award
2019 Tasmanian State Motocross Championships results 5th for 65cc 10-12 years
I have other trophies but I can’t quite remember them all but I love them all.

What do you race and for how long have you been racing? Motocross and grass tracks. I’ve been racing since Since 2014. I love my bike, the speed and finishing races oh and hanging out with all my buddies at the track Motocross is my life !!

Who is your inspiration? Chad Reed he never ever ever gives up and does his best and he is No 22 and I was born on 22 January so we have a good connection!!! I started racing like my Dad he races Motocross and Did speedway I love that we can do this together it’s so much fun! I also love danger boy Deegan! I love racing, my family, school and all my buddies that help me like Jed, Tate, Lochie, Angus, Jacob, Ryan, Coops, Cruz and Team Barber boys and their Mums and Dads. I sometimes have a hard time understanding new things or trying to figure out problems in my head I really need help sometimes and get upset or frightened.

Who supports me?: Mum and Dad and my sister Rosie are always at the track with me, dad races too and mum flags and helps me on start gate and cooks my favourite foods like noodles Vegemite sandwiches and egg and bacon pies with tomato sauce and Rosie cheers me on! Also my other family and all my buddies at track they are so helpful to me. I have lots of friends who help me with the track and getting over fears of something new.

Can you tell us about your autism diagnosis and the challenges you sometimes face?  I get scared sometimes on track or if something is new. I was told I had Autism at 4 after a big assessment at St Giles and I could not speak properly until I was 6-7 years old, now mum tells me I am a chatter box and I need to give her ears a break from talking bikes. I have done a lot of hard work to understand basic things and my school work is getting better but I get scared at something new and sometimes I don’t want to do my work if I am tired. I am really good at remembering everything about my life. I can remember lots of the track ruts and jumps and different conditions of the track I remember lots of results and times of everything a racers and never forget these things. I am remember race programs quickly too. I also can tell if someone has a problem with their bike because I have really good hearing and if the motor is not in tune I can tell.